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General Manager: Stephanie Ehemann
phone: (773) 539-7335

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Big Picture Group
5046 Glenwood, Suite #1N
Chicago, IL 60640


Julius Meinl Café

white xerox paper
Best Buy and Office Depot gift certificates
bulk printing
finance consulting
tax consulting
database-building consulting
mig welder
hand tools
fluorescent lights
high quality microphones
audio cable
audio adapters
mini disc recorder
mini discs
video tapes (dv, mini-dv, hi-8, and vhs)
video adapters
RCA cable
coaxial cable
s-video cable
3 identical 30” televisions
tv’s of all shapes and sizes, old and new
storage space
external harddrives
Apple G5 computer
digital photo camera
high-end digital video camera
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